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Get a Winning Presentation

Posted November 08

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CONGRATULATIONS …  After months of hard work working on your proposal you’ve just been told that you’ve made it to the short-list and have been asked to make a proposal presentation to your prospective client.

  • What do you do now?

Do you – like many, many others – open up Power Point and hastily knock up a few slides repeating most of the points raised in your proposal document?  Or, even worse, edit and personalise a similar presentation that you did last month?

Is the result ‘Death by Power Point’ – a presentation that just doesn’t do justice to your ideas and is almost identical to every one of your competitors on the shortlist, with the result that you don’t have that all-important ‘wow factor’ and therefore fail to impress the prospect?

So many fabulous ideas and proposals fall at the last fence - the presentation.  But there is another way - let Walker et al help you.

Walker et al’s Proposal Presentation Specialist can work with you on every stage of your proposal presentation.  With over 30 years sales, marketing and above all successful presentation experience our Proposal Presentation Specialist will look at every aspect of your proposed presentation including:

  • Content, structure and finding that wow factor
  • Presentation design and creation
  • Staging

Using our services literally hundreds of companies – from the smallest start-ups to the largest companies in the world – have won over £3billion worth of contracts – contracts where the presentation itself made the decisive difference.  Clients have included Taylor Woodrow, Trafalgar House, KPMG and Compass Food Services Group.  Major contracts won have included:

  • The early proposals to the UK Government for the building of the M6 toll road
  • The final sales presentation to the Government of Hong Kong for the building of the Tsing Mar Bridge in Hong Kong
  • All sales presentations for the bid for all the catering at the London Dome
  • All sales presentations for the catering on board the Eurostar
  • Most high value bids for Compass
  • Many PFI proposal presentations for various health consortia

So, don’t fall at the last hurdle... Call Walker et al and find out more about how we can help you transform your proposal into a WINNING presentation!

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