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Client Database Cleansing

There's nothing worse than a valued customer receiving badly addressed literature from you (or worse still, not at all if they've moved!)

Sales teams must have up to the minute information if they are to be effective. First impressions count so it's essential that they are helped to create the right impression from the start when making that initial call. Lead generation relies on correct data and you could be storing up more than just spelling mistakes by letting your team continue to spend time chasing contacts who have moved on.

Customer Service

Customer service levels are improved when you form strong relationships with clients and often it's down to the little things that can do so much to make people feel that they are your number one client.

In order to maintain a professional image, it's important that you keep your information up-to-date and accurate. That's why companies outsource their data update requirements as it can be a time-consuming project for in-house staff.

With an eye for detail and the drive to complete all projects to 100% requirements, clients using Walker et al can be assured that the job will be done - on time and on budget. Regular contact and feedback are an integral part of the service so that all queries are dealt with on an ongoing basis - not left to the end.

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Database and Cleansing

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